Monday, 1 February 2016

Village News


Last week was again in aid of the flood victims, £100 was raised , adding to the one of £457 raised the week before,
winners were "Bernards Gang" & the "No Hopers"
This week is for Christmas Market funds, this will be preceded  by a meeting @ 8-00pm.
Please will all interested organisations attend, also bring a prize if possible, Thank you, Lynne.


At a a recent meeting, items discussed were, Post Office (or lack of it ) car parking at road junction's and
the"Scoping"  re the pig farm.


This Sunday (7th.)
Church :- Holy Communion @ 9-30
Chapel :- Service @10-30 (own arrangements)


Pancake evening @ Rose & Crown from 7-00 pm.
Pancakes + tea/coffee £5. raffle, proceeds for Good Neighbour scheme & Church.

Report by A Rushton

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Village News


Last weeks speaker was from" Indeed Law", informing members about wills,carers.trusts & allowances.This was followed by tea & Audrey's birthday cake. 
Next meeting is Feb. 4th. with Rev.Pheadra Green.


Advance notice. A community Pancake evening will be held at the Rose & Crown on Tues.9th.February
from 7-00 pm. proceeds for Church & Good Neighborhood scheme, tickets £5 for pancakes & tea/coffee
from Pub 838216, E. Holman 838265 or A.Rushton 838369.


A very good evening was held last week for this cause, with Mr. & Mrs. T Williams running a raffle for a hamper full of bottles, making £254, a donation from Trentside Singers of £67 and the Quiz making £152-20, a grand total of £473-20,
quiz winners were "Bernard's Gang". This week's quiz is a follow up for the same good cause,and Pete Rushton 
accepting donations for his "Dry January" effort !

Report from P Rushton

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

FEBRUARY 9th 7.0 pm 

A Pancake evening is being held in The Rose and Crown. Tickets are £5, for pancakes and tea/coffee and can be purchased from the pub, Pete Rushton  838369 Liz or Don  838265.  Proceeds will be split between the church and The Good Neighbour Scheme.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Village News


The council met in the Methodist Schoolroom on Tuesday evening under the chairmanship of Jamie Allan.
All members of the council were present, also 2 members of the public and Councillor J.Milne.
The meeting commenced with a talk from Roger Ferguson who explained the value of having a defibrillator in the village.  He answered questions on training and servicing, the council will now have to get three estimates before committing to installing one.
Neighbourhood scheme, organised by deputy clerk, E.Holman is going ahead.
Volunteers will meet on the 8th Feb. A committee of 6 has been formed. The winner of the hamper is Mr A.Bond, who will be invited to the next parish council to receive his prize.
Planning for extension on Acacia House on Padmoor Lane had no observations. The pig farm applicant is to put in new plans, therefore the whole process will have to be started from scratch.
The Queens birthday was discussed and clerk to contact Kexby parish council to find out what they would do for the event in April.  It is hoped a committee can be formed to arrange the days event.
L.Alsop was congratulated on a successful Christmas Market.

The Christmas Market was a success, the total amount included three Quiz nights.
12 organisations received £97,55.
The High street quiz, organised by Mrs S.Farrow was won by A.Fotheringham


Last week was in aid of the Playing Fields, £105 was raised, winners were "TheTraitors & "The No Hopers2
This week is for the Flood Victims of Yorkshire & Cumbria, a very worthwhile cause, please give your support

Monday, 11 January 2016

Village News


It all seems a long while ago now, but Upton and Kexby had a busy time,
Starting with the Christmas Market, held in the Rose and Crown, with most village organisations taking part and a Bishop to open the affair, helped by Lea School choir.
Then came confirmation in All Saints church, Upton taken by the Bishop of Grimsby.
The Christmas Tree festival was a great success with around 20 trees decorated and donated by village organisations, businesses and local residents. The tombola stall during the weekend was well supported.
The weekend finished off with a carol service with the Methodist congregation
Taken by Rev Phillip Wain.
The Christmas morning Eucharist was also well supported.


The house on Padmoor Lane had, until Thursday afternoon, a huge oak tree in the front of the house. Now it is no more because it fell down on Thursday, closing the road and disrupting services.  The house will renamed, probably called The Rectory
in future.


Last week was in aid of the Junior Cricketer's, winners were "Bernard's Gang & "The No Hoper's"
£130 was raised, this week is for the Playing Fields.


This Sunday (17th.)
Church :- Morning Prayer @ 8-30
Chapel :- Service @  10-30

Report sent in by A Rushton

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Breaking News

Tree down today on Padmoor Lane

Looks like storm Frank has had the final word (hopefully) after a tree was blown down on Padmoor Lane earlier today.

Picture sent in by Upton's roving reporter Sylvia Rose.  Many thanks.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Village News


Upton Church of All Saints, was beautifully decorated with Christmas trees at the weekend.
The decorated trees were placed in the Church by most of the organisations  and many individuals in the villages of Upton and Kexby.
Among these organizations were the Art Group, Friendship Club, Horticultural society, Cricket Club,  Bloomers,Upton parish council  WLDC and Upton Chapel  Private firms of Barnes, Thurlby's,  Hutchinsons and Pugleys, Gores,  J. Milne, Wrights, Danns and many others also decorated trees. 
A steady flow of residents attended and received a glass of mulled wine and had a go on the tombola.
The weekend culminated in a Carol Service with the Methodist chapel members. Members of the chapel and church read the lessons with the organist playing the 10 carols
The Christmas Day Eucharist will be at 9 a.m. in Church. 


Last week was in aid of Macmillan, winners were the "No Hopers",  £115-50 was raised.
The next quiz will be on Thurs. Jan 7 th.

Report by A Rushton

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Friday, 11 December 2015

Village News

Everyone has been busy decorating their trees for the weekend Christmas tree festival. The Church looks very festive with a variety of trees and decorations, so please call in over the weekend and  have a look. 


Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Thank you to everyone who helped at this years Christmas market and to those who supported it.
The funds raised will be split between the various organisations.

The Bloomers Christmas stall. Thanks to everyone who donated things to sell and helped in any way.

Roll up Roll up for the New Age Kurling game, which kept busy all night.

Many thanks to Sylvia Rose for pics.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Village News


This was held in the Rose and Crown on Thursday evening, when the Bishop of Grimsby, the Rt Reverend David Court opened the proceedings with the help of Lea School choir.  The choir sang festive songs and carols preceding the market.
The stalls included crafts, tombola, raffle cake weight, plants and gardening items
Bottles. The event was organised by Mrs Lyn Alsop and all money will be shared equally between participating organisations.


A busy time for Upton and Kexby Church, Sunday 6th December will see parishioners from the Lea Group of Churches confirmed by the Bishop of Grimsby.
December 12th and 13th a Christmas Tree festival will be held in church, with most Village organisations decorating a tree. Festive food and drinks will be available.
Sunday 13th at 6p.m. a joint Carol service with the Methodist church members will be held in church, when all will be welcome.
Christmas Day service will be at 9a.m.


Last week was for the Christmas Market £147- 50 was raised, winners being the "Oblong Table Ladies" & Bernards Gang"
this week is for "Baby Care" 

Report by P Rushton

Monday, 30 November 2015

Village News


Mr J. Allen, chair of Upton Parish council, organised a public meeting to hear comments on the proposed planning application for a pig unit and house on Cow Lane, Upton.
The proposal is for units to house 1990 pigs in pig rearing units.
J.Allen welcomed a large number of residents from Upton and surrounding villages.
The parish council had already sent in four pages of A4 of observations.
The questions during the meeting were answered by District Councillor Mrs Jessie Mlne and J.Allen.
Comments were worries about smell, lorries, river pollution and river flooding, public health and other problems.
The residents were advised to write to West Lindsey planning department as soon as possible, as the date for complaints had to be by the end of November.


The village hall organised a craft fair on Sunday afternoon when a large number of people booked a table to sell their wares.
The afternoon was a success despite not many residents supporting the event.


The ever popular Marjorie Clayworth was the speaker at Friendship club on Thursday afternoon. Marjorie gave a demonstration of good she had made with her many talents and demonstrated some lovely Christmas Flower arrangements.
The next meeting is the lunch at the Rose and Crown on December 10th


 Most organisations in the village and many individuals will be decorating a tree in All Saints’ Church, Upton for December 12th and 13th.
The Church will be open for decorating on Thursday and Friday prior to the event
The Church will be open on December 12th and 13th between 11a.m. to 4p.m.
Do come along and support your Church, and have some festive refreshments.
The weekend will conclude with a community carol service on 13th December at 6p.m.


This will take place at the Rose and Crown on December 3rd, Lea School choir will 
sing at 6p.m. followed by the opening and switching on of the Christmas lights at 6.30p.m..  The choir and a special guest will do the honours of opening the event.
Their will be many and varied stalls and Father Christmas will be in attendance.
The quiz for market funds will follow the market.


The Methodist Chapel members organised the Remembrance service in All Saints Church, Upton. The wreath laying and a minutes silence with the last post was held at the war memorial with 5 organisations and several residents laying wreaths.


Last week was in aid of Junior Cricket, winners were "Young & Good Looking" and "Bernards Gang"!
£ 86-60 was raised, This week is for the Christmas Market.

Report by A Rushton.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Village News


The council met on Tuesday evening, when all councillors but one were present and one member of the public attended. Councillor J.Milne of WLDC attended.
A comprehensive report of the village hall was given by the representative, when the mural was discussed.  The war memorial hand rail is now in place.
The phone box books was now insured but a member thought that the phone box should be made more water proof.  The neighbourhood community scheme was explained by deputy clerk, Mrs Holman, it was agreed to send the proposition to all householders with the newsletter to get their response.  Mrs Rushton and Mrs Alsop would decorate the councils’ tree for the Churches Christmas Tree festival on December 12th and 13th.  The parish plan was discussed and a report sent in.
The precept was increased by a very small amount.
Three plans were discussed. Two had no observations the third for a pig unit and house on Cow Lane caused a lot of problems. Four pages of A4 have been sent to West Lindsey with the councils observations.
The deputy clerk asked for organisations to send in information for the web site.
The next council meeting will be on January 12th 2016.


Julie and Ann gave a demonstration of Julies Beads and Scarves at the clubs meeting on Thursday.   The articles on display were beautiful and members were given an idea of how to use the scarf rings and how to tie scarves in different ways.
It was a very enjoyable afternoon. The next meeting is on 26th November when Rev. Pheadra will talk about her visit to Jerusalem.


The A.G.M. took place recently, with the officials as follows :- Chairman, Don Spittlehouse, Vice Ch. Pete Rushton,
Sec./Treas. Jane Spencer. Committee Dave Farrow, Pauline Chester, Janice Waudby, Hannah Blow, & Geof Hobart.
Any new members will be welcome, if you are interested contact one of the above.
Please note next years show will be on Sunday 4th. September.


Last week was in aid of L.I.V.E.S. £86 was raised, winners were the "Oblong Tablers" this week is a "Rollover"

Report by A Rushton

Monday, 9 November 2015



MEMBERS PRESENT:  J  Allen,  J & L  Alsop, P Rushton, D  Spittlehouse, J  Milne W.L.D.C.
Lyn Alsop proposed, J Alsop seconded that J Allen be chairman.  All agreed.
 Vice Chairman.  D Spittlehouse proposed, L Alsop seconded P Rushton.  Accepted on conditions he did not move to chair in future.
The Council unanimously agreed  to Co-opt  P Fotheringham on to the council.  He is the only applicant.
D Spittlehouse . ( Assistant Clerk and Website )
P Rushton. ( Clerk Salary )
Minutes of last meeting read and approved arising from:
4 letters were sent out, only 1 price in.
Geof and Bob quoted £1.395.
Council thought this was excessive and to ask other builders.
Suggestions, library and notice board. No discussion.
Quickline had a meeting in church.  Church agreed to have an aerial on the tower. It will cover a 5 mile radius.  This needs 20 takers and would do away with BT.  The council agreed to support.
Council accepted audited accounts to pay: G Hobart  £50.00
Insurance: £246.51.
J Spittlehouse. (Web site) : £130.00
Clerk’s expenses: £376.54.
Chapel rent: £60.00 a year for 2 years.  £120.00

Liz Holman appointed, 6 months training, paid same as clerk, Job sharing.
CYCLE RACE 28th June.  Flyer when times are known.
Bloomers to decorate bikes.
Ask Norman Dan to clean bus shelter.
2 pot holes to report.
Reps,   A.G.M  J Allen.  June, D Spittlehouse. July, L  Alsop. August, J  Alsop.

Next meeting  July 14th