Monday, 3 October 2016


Last week saw a very successful evening, although it was lacking a little in support, those that were there had a most enjoyable time,
The Champion jockey of the night was John Taylor, congratulations to him, and thank's to all who took part.
The Christmas market committee wish to thank Tich Finney & family for arranging the horses, betting etc, Rev. Phea for being M.C.
Jessie Milne for raffle selling, and all who helped in any way, the proceeds , unknown at the moment, will go into the Xmas  Market fund
for distribution to the organisations on Dec 8th.


Last week was in aid of Macmillan, winners were "The No Hopers", £ 200 was raised which will go towards the worlds biggest coffee morning.
This week is for the Church, where the proceeds are being donated to the Gainsborough food bank, along with surplus items from the recent Harvest Festival.


This Sunday (9 th.)
Church :- Morning Prayer  9-30
Chapel :- Service @ 10-30 with Ian Hardcastle

Report by P Rushton.