Sunday, 15 May 2016

Village News


Last week was in aid of "Bloomers" £ 71-50 was raised, winners were "the No Hopers" .
This week is for the Christmas Market funds, this will be preceded by a meeting @ 8-00pm,
will organisations please come & have some input, also raffle prizes will be appreciated.


There were 3 public attended the parish meeting,
the A.G.M. then took place , with the following being elected. Chair :- J. Allen, Vice Ch. D. Spittlehouse, members :- J.Alsop, L. Alsop, T. Hall, P Fotheringham, P. Rushton.
The Clerk, Audrey Rushton, announced she will be retiring in November, with Liz. Holman being appended to succeed her.
Items discussed were, Playing Field & Village Hall grants, defibrillator & Bloomers.


The finals were held last week, winners of the season were :- 2 wood singles, G. Balckburn, 4 wood singles G. Blackburn, 3 wood Doubles, D. Spittlehouse & R. Sharpe.


This Sunday (22nd.)
Church :- Morning Prayer @ 9-30
Chapel :- Holy Communion @ 10-30 with Rev. L. Carr