Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Last week was for "Bloomers" £160 was raised, winners were "Oblong Table" & "No Hopers"
This week is is in aid of the Queen's Birthday celebrations, and will be preceded by a meeting
at 7-30, all organisations and individuals are invited to attend and put any ideas forward .


Congratulation's to the Upton & Kexby teams in the  recent West Lindsey tournament,
who picked up the top three awards, with Don Spittlehouse & Ron Sharpe coming 3rd.
and in a tight finish, Howard & Sylvia Rose winning over Sue Farrow & Scott Hogarth.
Well done to all.


The next meeting is today @ 2-00pm with Rev Phea, (which was postponed from last week)
All are welcome.


This Sunday (10th.)
Church :- Morning Prayer @ 09-30
Chapel :-  Anniversary Service @ 10-30 with Miss C. Blackburn 

Report by P Rushton