Monday, 16 November 2015

Village News


The council met on Tuesday evening, when all councillors but one were present and one member of the public attended. Councillor J.Milne of WLDC attended.
A comprehensive report of the village hall was given by the representative, when the mural was discussed.  The war memorial hand rail is now in place.
The phone box books was now insured but a member thought that the phone box should be made more water proof.  The neighbourhood community scheme was explained by deputy clerk, Mrs Holman, it was agreed to send the proposition to all householders with the newsletter to get their response.  Mrs Rushton and Mrs Alsop would decorate the councils’ tree for the Churches Christmas Tree festival on December 12th and 13th.  The parish plan was discussed and a report sent in.
The precept was increased by a very small amount.
Three plans were discussed. Two had no observations the third for a pig unit and house on Cow Lane caused a lot of problems. Four pages of A4 have been sent to West Lindsey with the councils observations.
The deputy clerk asked for organisations to send in information for the web site.
The next council meeting will be on January 12th 2016.


Julie and Ann gave a demonstration of Julies Beads and Scarves at the clubs meeting on Thursday.   The articles on display were beautiful and members were given an idea of how to use the scarf rings and how to tie scarves in different ways.
It was a very enjoyable afternoon. The next meeting is on 26th November when Rev. Pheadra will talk about her visit to Jerusalem.


The A.G.M. took place recently, with the officials as follows :- Chairman, Don Spittlehouse, Vice Ch. Pete Rushton,
Sec./Treas. Jane Spencer. Committee Dave Farrow, Pauline Chester, Janice Waudby, Hannah Blow, & Geof Hobart.
Any new members will be welcome, if you are interested contact one of the above.
Please note next years show will be on Sunday 4th. September.


Last week was in aid of L.I.V.E.S. £86 was raised, winners were the "Oblong Tablers" this week is a "Rollover"

Report by A Rushton