Monday, 13 April 2015

Village News


 Last weeks meeting was was a demonstration of cosmetics by Melanie, and
 was enjoyed by members, Next meeting will be "Science is Fun" by Rev. Sue
Bradley, on Wed 13th May.


 The last meeting was a competition of decorated Easter eggs, and was won by
 Rosemary Pauling, Janet Moden and Joan Brough. followed by a quiz, won by Carol Smart.
 Next meeting is April 13th. @ 2-00 in the Chapel.


 Last week was in aid of the "Bloomers" £130 was raised , winners were the
 "Oblong Table" & the "No Hopers", next week is for J.C.Hosp. Palliative care


 Next Sunday (19th.)
 Church, NO Service this Sun.
 Chapel :- Anniversary service with Rev. Liz. Childs @ 10-30