Sunday, 22 March 2015

Village News


Last week was for the W.I Cemetery fund. the winners were " The Oblong Table".
£100 was raised.
Next week is for the playing field.


The flags were flying today outside the home of local cattle farmer Patrick Fotheringham.
Several months ago moles decided to take up residence in one of Patricks fields that was designated to his new calves this spring.
However cute and furry that they are and have a right to live where the fancy takes them, underneath the hills are holes which are dangerous for the little calves hoofs to stumble in.

Action had to be taken!
This needed the help and expertise from SUPERMAN DON SPITTLEHOUSE.
Don is well known in Upton for his reputation for mole catching as well as other things!

Traps were set.
Days, weeks then months went by, not a single mole.
Was he losing his touch?....
The moles lead him a merry game of hide n seek.
 But HALLELUJAH .... On Friday after checking all the usual places, a mole was caught.
Sob sob, sniff sniff.  Poor little moley.
 Well done Don!  Mr Mole scores again.

Watch out moles, he'll be back.!!!!