Sunday, 15 March 2015

Village News


 Last week was in aid of Red Nose Day, winners were the "Oblong Table"
 £81 was raised, this week is for the W.I. Memorial Garden fund.


 This Sunday(26th.) Church :- Morning Prayer @ 9-30
 Chapel, :- Service @ 10-30 with own arrangements.


 The Annual General meeting and craft show was held last Wednesday in the
 Village Hall.
 President, J.Anderson, gave a resume of future events, she also thanked the
 secretary, J.Fotheringham, J.Barrow,L.Spurr and A.Taylor for their
 to the past years W.I. also all the committee members. J.Anderson was
 as president.
 Jean Morley gave a vote of thanks to the committee.
 Mrs Liz Barnard, who has a craft shop in Gainsborough, then gave a
 demonstration of
 some of the beautiful work she had done, a crochet blanket depicting beach
 was particularly beautiful  Cushions and a knitted  pouffe was on display.
 The competition for the Whitton cup was won by Linda Bradley with her lovely
 quilt. .


 The meeting was held on Tuesday evening when all but one Councillor were
 Councillor J. Milne,  Kevin Dunn and one member of the public were also
 P.Rushton, chair, started the meeting by thanking the present council for
 support during his chairmanship. Whatever the outcome of the election, he
 that he would not be standing for chair again, having done it for 12 years.
 Public question was about the very slow Broadband connection, clerk to contact
 Telecom re this problem.
 The steps to the war memorial, clerk to get three estimates for these, chair
 Councillor to measure for size.
 Clerk to report to Highways re pot hole at the end of Long Lane.
 The council agreed to buy the dilapidated phone box for £1.00 clerk to ask for
 suggestions for the use of this box.
 Election nomination papers were handed out. Residents, who are on the
 roll may apply for parish Councillor. Forms from A.Rushton or the Guildhall,
 papers to be in at Guildhall before 4p.m. on April 9th.The cycle race on June
 28th was discussed. K.Dunn to let clerk have the route and times of race.
 Newsletter to be produced during the next week.
 Letter to be sent to W.I for their contribution for the upkeep of the burial
 ground garden.
 Contractors also thanked.
 The next meeting will be a week after the election.