Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Horticultural Society


 Chairman :- Don Spittlehouse
Vice Chair :- Peter Rushton
Sec. / Treas. :- Jane Spencer
Assisted by ;- P. Chester
Committee :- G. Hobart, D. Farrow, A. Blow, A. & G Blackburn,

The show will beheld on Sunday 13th. September, this year.
entry forms will Wildlife.
be available shortly from Mrs J. Spencer, 4 Church Rd, Upton,
tel. 838385
Watch this space for further information as it becomes available.


81.   One for the family album.
82.   Wildlife.
83.   reflections.
84.   Clouds.
85.   My garden.
86.   A village event (Upton and Kexby).

73.   A Freestyle Hand Embroidered item.
73a.  A freestyle Machine embroidered item.
74.   Canvas Work (to include tapestry)
75.   A Hand Knitted item.
76.   Crocheted item.
77.   A hand or machine sewn item.
78.   A cross-stitch item.
79.   A Painting ( max size A3)
79a.  Hand or Machine made Quilt.