Sunday, 25 January 2015

Village News:  January 25th 2015


The council met in the Methodist Schoolroom on Tuesday evening, when all
councillors  were present, the WLDC councillor J. Milne and one member of the
The public forum prior to the council meeting heard of a thank you for the new
street light on Cade Lane and of litter picking on Cow Lane. The council were
asked if more information could be received for the newly updated web site, the
clerk to write to all secretaries of organisations, asking for information.
The council were pleased that highways had repaired the old post office corner
and the footpath to Kexby. The steps to the war memorial were being
investigated. The old phone box had been reported but as yet nothing had been
L.Alsop was thanked for her organisation of the Christmas Market. 12
organisations received £124.00, members asked if a balance sheet had been sent
to organisations.
A neighbourhood watch meeting had been held but response was disappointing.
J.Allen had enquired about transport, also a walking group was to be formed.
A newsletter to be sent out in March, when election nominations for parish
council may be requested.
Next meeting March 10th 2015.


Members were given a talk by Mr. Knight on electricity, he spoke of the history
of electricity, saying that 1100 BC  electricity had been found in static
The first power station was in Godalming  in Surrey in 2881.  In 1904 a station
powered by steam engines to generate power was in Brighton.  The uses of fuses
and the RCD were explained.
The quiz at the Rose and Crown next Thursday will be for the club to buy a
television set for the club.
Mrs Doris Jubbs, chairman thanked Mr. Knight for coming to talk to the club.
The next meeting is on Thursday 5th February, when the speaker is Rev. D.Cotton.


Last week was for the Vitality group, £ 160 was raised, including other
Winners were tho “Oblong Table” & “Bernards Gang”
This week is in aid of the Friendship Club.


Sunday 1st. Feb.
Church:- Holy Communion @ 9-30
Chapel:- Service @10-30 with Tim Smith