Sunday, 15 June 2014

Village News | 15 June 2014


The A.G.M. took place last week, the chairman J.Alsop reported we had quite a successful year having completed most of the projects aimed for.

Thanking all the committee for support & help in making this possible.

The election of officers is as follows;

Chairman :- Ed. Woolley.. Secretary :- Becky Bishop. Treasurer :- Paul Mann.

Vice Chair :- Pete Rushton, Committee :- A. Orton , S. Smith, J. Alsop

Any new members will be welcomed ,
An auction of promises is to be held  on Fri.. 26th. September, watch this space.


Last week was in aid of the Cricket Club, Winners were, the No Hopers & the Pblong Tablers, £115 was raised, this week is for L.I.V.E.S.


This Sunday (22nd.)

Church :- Morning Prayer @ 1030

Chapel :- Service @1030 with Rev. Childs

Provided by P Rushton