Sunday, 19 January 2014

Village News | 19 January 2014

Upton Parish Council met last week, when all members of the council were present, with Councillor J. Milne of WLDC also in attendance. The PCSO sent her apologies but forwarded a crime report of the area. Unusually there were about 12 members of the public present, with half of these residents opposing the proposed street light on Cade Lane. It was resolved to have a site meeting in the near future with the lighting expert from the County Council. Clerk to arrange a meeting. It was reported that footpath 51 was impassable due to flooding, clerk to contact County Council about this issue. Church Road and High Street/Heapham Road were due to be resurfaced in January, but as yet nothing had happened. Dog fouling signs to be distributed as the problem has, again, arisen. The erection of a war memorial was discussed. The dumping of rubbish on Cow Lane had been reported by a councillor, as yet nothing had been removed. The village hall rep reported that the hall was being run well, but more committee members were urgently needed. The Wifi is now installed. Councillor L.Alsop had organised the Christmas market, this being very successful, with 10 organisations receiving £100.52 each. New lights had been bought from results of a quiz night, held at the Rose and Crown. Councillors agreed to grant £50.00 to citizens advice and a donation to the Church towards electricity over the Christmas period. The community plan was still in hand and an event was in the process of being organised. The next meeting will be on 11th March, 7p.m. for public followed by council meeting.

At the last meeting, it was reported that it was being well used. The clerk had tendered his resignation, therefore they are seeking someone else for the post. Any one interested is asked to contact, Tony Hall on 838720 for information.

Last week was in aid of the Village Hall, winners were Bernard's Gang & The Oblong Tablers, £95 being raised, this week is for the Air Ambulance.

This Sunday 26th. Church, Morning Prayer @ 9-30 Chapel, No Service, but covenant service at LEA @1030

Written by P Rushton