Sunday, 13 October 2013

Upton and Kexby Parish review

Kexby and Upton Parish Councils

Dear Parishioner

It has been decided that to do a Full Parish Plan would not an option be for Kexby or Upton Parishes but Community Lincs have offered to do a Community Review. (Please see below).

Janet Clark from Community Lincs has suggested an informal meeting on Tuesday 29th October at 7.30 in the Village Hall upstairs room

Discussion will be around:
Issues/ topics you think should be included as part of the review
Support from the parish councils to promote what is to happen and encourage people to get involved
How many volunteers you might have available to help, do they have specific skills/ knowledge?
Delivery of information and inputting of questionnaire results
Methods of publicity
I would wish to see the venue and decide on dates for promotion, questionnaire, event and feeding back

If you are interested in coming then please let me know on 787017 or email

Community Review

For some communities undertaking a full plan brings many challenges not least a lack of manpower and resources, to address this Community Lincs has developed "Community Reviews". This light touch consultation process tailored to smaller communities identifies the issues of concern and prioritises the actions that local people would like to take.
A Community Review offers:
* A bespoke community consultation
* Full facilitation by Community Lincs
* Activities to identify and prioritise local needs and issues
* The Capture and recording of all views
* Identification of actions to be taken
* Provision of an action plan report that has demonstrable endorsement from the local community
Working together with the Community Action Officers from West Lindsey District Council we are able to undertake 5 Community reviews between now and the end of March 2014.