Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Village News: 22 May 2013

The council met last week for the annual general meeting. Chair elected was Mr P.Rushton and vice chair Mr P.Fotheringham.

The council meeting then carried on, with all but one councillors attending.
The council put on hold the new street light on Cade Lane because of the cost and would look for more funding in the future. The playing field and village hall committees were given grants of £750.00 each.

Neighbourhood plan does not seem to have any support from local
residents, even though it would do the village a lot of good.
Councillor Milne to be asked to give planning ideas through Mr Rob
There were problems with footpath 50 as a lady had fallen when it was
flooded because of a filled in dyke.
Clerk was to report to highways re road problems.

The organ marathon raised £1200.00 and included a tombola and teas and
coffee in the new north aisle.

Organist, A.Rushton would like to thank all who sponsored her for this event.

The president was not able to attend the last meeting and Mrs J.Fotheringham took the meeting.
The institute are to hold a special evening to celebrate the queens
coronation and another event in October 1214 to celebrate the 50th birthday of the institute.

The members then were given a demonstration of make up by Sam
Willoughby of Town and Country.
Prior to the demonstration the resolution for 2013 was passed unanimously to try to stop the decline of local shops.
The next meeting will be Robin Dennet on ice cream,(lets hope it is a warm evening).

Mrs D.Jubbs was elected chair at the annual meeting of the club, Mrs
D.Barley was vice chair, Mrs J.Morley secretary and Mrs A.Rushton

The club have had many interesting speakers during the past year, but
the treasurer reminded all that speakers had become very expensive due to travel costs.

Members of the choir of Trentside were among 6 other choirs at a festival of song at Market Rasen last week. The choirs sang on their own and finally all the choirs gave a wonderful rendition of three songs, The combined choirs sang Bridge over Trouble waters, stormy weather and Seal Lullaby.
All the choirs were made up of W.I. members.

Written by P Rushton