Sunday, 30 September 2012

Village News | 30th September 2012

AUCTION What a great success this was, with the playing fields being
better off by over £1400.Chairman John Alsop would like to thank all
the people who donated gifts, Lol and Jenny from the Rose and Crown for
hosting the event, the hard working committee especially Becky Bishop
for organising everything, the public for supporting it and for being
so generous and special thanks to Andy Lobley who did a fantastic job
as the auctioneer.

CHRISTMAS MARKET A meeting is to be held this Thursday 4th October to
discuss this year's market at the Rose and Crown at 8pm.Would any
organisation wanting to take part please send a representative.

ALL SAINTS This Sunday's service is Holy Communion starting at 9-30am.

QUIZ Last week's quiz was for Macmillan Cancer Care. The winners were
Mazza's Marvels and The Oblong Table,£234 was raised. This week's quiz
is for the Christmas Market, any donations of prizes would be welcome.

Written by Mrs L Alsop