Sunday, 8 July 2012

Village News | 8 July 2012

At the conclusion of the gardens open weekend a Songs of Praise was held in All Saints Church, Upton, when all the people who had opened their gardens chose the hymns. These were accompanied by Mrs Gwenda Cater.
Rev. P. Wain started the service by dedicating a diamond jubilee kneeler, worked by Mrs J. Lunn.

On the Monday evening all connected with the weekend toured the gardens and finished with a buffet supper at the Rose and Crown. Chair of the event, Mrs S.Rockall thanked all for participating in the open weekend.


The trust held their meeting in the Methodist Schoolroom, when a grant was awarded to a student going to university.

The trust is available for people in the following criteria.

Assist young peoples needs for further education. To advance the education of the public by assisting with arts, heritage etc. projects. To promote the benefit of the residents by associating with
local people, local authorities and voluntary organisations to advance leisure time occupations.  The relief of financial hardship through old age, sickness or disability. All applicants must live in Upton or Kexby.

The trust was formed originally with funds left over from a feast weekend, added to with sale of household items from Mr. Frank Pyle, money from Kexton Arts was added and the Eastland and Hawskmore money was put into the turst funds.

Applicants may in confidence to secretary, Mrs A. Rushton, 17, Main Street, Upton tel.838369.


The meeting was an informal afternoon to discuss the forthcoming
Cream tea (12th July ) and the outing to Downtown on July 9th.

Anyone wishing to go on the outing  £2.50 per person to contact Mrs D. Jubbs 838791.

The cream tea will start at 2p.m. and will include strawberries and cream, a tombola and raffle.

A group of church members and friends took part in a bed push round the two villages on Saturday morning.

Although not many residents were at home and did not know about the event, it was a great success.

Three church members, dressed in night attire, were in the bed these were Rev. P.Wain, Mr. G.Hobart and Mrs A.Rushton.  A wonderful banner had been painted by Mr Bill Pugsley and may be seen in Church. Rev. Wain thanked  all the helpers and the sponsors.

This week's service is Holy Communion starting at the earlier time of 8-30am.

Last week's quiz was for the playing field, Peter Rushton was the quizmaster. The winners were What goes on tour and the Oblong Quips,£110 was raised. This week's quiz is to be decided on the night, any donations of prizes would be welcome.