Sunday, 15 July 2012

Village News | 15th July 2012

The first business of the council meeting was to co-opt a new
member of the council.

This position had been advertised, but only one interested person came
forward. Mr Jamie Allen is now a parish councillor of Upton.

The police attended the meeting and stressed that people locked their
doors, especially front ones. She also asked for volunteers for neighbourhood watch.

Councillor J Milne asked for young residents to get involved with the
parish plan. Some councillors and two younger members of the village were going to a meeting on Friday to get more information on this project.

The jubilee and memorial seat was discussed and left in obeyance
until prices were found.

A street light on Cade Lane was deferred until next years precept was
in as this would cost £1,000.00 and council could not afford this at
the moment.  Highways was again discussed. Clerk and chair had met
with highways to explain the flooding on Church Road, this was to be
done in the near future, the resurfacing of Church Road would be done at a later date.   Flooding at junction of High Street and Padmoor Lane was to be reported, again, clerk to write to Councillor S.Kinch re this problem to see if he, as our county councillor, would push forward this flooding problem.

Mr R.Burgess is making a new notice board for the bus shelter.   The
composting site was discussed and councillors were concerned about
the traffic through the village.

The village hall committee and all concerned were thanked for
organising the jubilee celebrations which went very well.

Upton and Kexby parish councils were to pay for gas for beacon.   The
internal audit had been done and accounts sent to external audit.

The burial ground allotments were to be cut and levelled.

A newsletter to go out in September.

Date of next meeting is Sept.11th.

The July meeting took the form of a treasurer hunt. This on an unusually lovely evening went very well and was won by Carol Pugsley and Denise Barret. President, J.Anderson, thanked all involved with the Lincolnshire Show project also those involved with the gardens open quilt exhibition.

Mr. G.Hobart presented cheques to LIVES and the Heritage Centre at
the Heritage Centre. He presented cheques to both organisations for £500.00 each.

The chapel members arranged the monthly coffee morning on Wednesday, when  only a few residents attended. This was a good friendly morning and would raise money for Chapel funds.

The under 9's suffered their first defeat of the season when they were beaten by an excellent Collingham side. Bowling first they conceded far to many runs, which meant they were chasing the game and had to take risks which led to losing to many wickets.They showed good spirit even in defeat, which should hold them in good stead for the rest of the season.

This Sunday's service is Morning Prayer starting at 9-30am.

Last week's quiz was for the village hall car park. The winners were the Oblong Table Ladies, £70 was raised. This week's quiz is for the local diabetes society.