Friday, 8 June 2012

Grapevine News | June 2012

The Friendship club were the first organisation in the villages to start celebrating the queens diamond jubilee.
Mr Bernien Padfield played tunes on the chapel organ rom the past 60 years. A faith tea was enjoyed and the chapel schoolroom was decorated with flags and buntin.
Chair Mrs D.Jubbs presented all members with a special jubilee pen.Services were held in Church and Chapel on Sunday morning.The main celebrations started on Monday afternoon when residents from
both villages gathered at the playing field these sports were organised by two local ladies with Upton winning each of the sections of the tug of war.
Mrs S.Farrow(chair of Kexby parish council) presented medals, which the Kexby parish council had purchased.
A wonderful tea then followed in the village hall, with a packed hall being fed.During the tea Mrs Jessie Milne(chair of West Lindsey District Council)
and Edward Leigh MP for our area visited the celebrations. Mr Peter Rushton (chair of Upton parish council)was about to present jubilee
mugs, bought by Upton parish council when the visitors came. He handed the job over to them.
Dancing to live music and a disco took place in the evening. The day concluded with High Sherriff of Lincolnshire lighting the beacon.
The hall had been decorated by members of the village hall committee who had also organised the event.
Many thanks must go to them and to the residents who turned up on Tuesday to clear up.

The next event in the villages is the gardens open weekend on June 16th and 17th when 10 gardens will be open and other activities will be taking place.