Sunday, 22 April 2012

Village News | 22 April 2012

Revised Village News
After the president, Mrs J.Anderson welcomed the members and gave a resume of the Annual Council meeting at Skegness. Members were given a fascinating talk on bee keeping by Mr John Lohan. He explained the ways bees depended on plants and the plants depended on the bees. Also how the bees found the flowers, how the queen and drones worked together. He explained why bees had been in short supply because of a mite and intensive farming.Mrs Anderson gave a vote of thanks to Mr Lohan for an interesting talk.The next meeting will be on May 9th when Mr Andrew Sankey will give a gardening talk and the resolution will be discussed.

Mrs Jean Morley took members and friends back to China,
where she had a holiday last year. Showing slides, she told all about the cultures and the scenery of China, visiting Beging and Shanghi, the great wall, and the terocatta army.
What an interesting afternoon, Mrs Doris Jubbs thanked Mrs Morley and Peter Rushton, (who was the technical assistant)

Two meeting for the residents of Upton to attend.
If you are interested in what goes on in your village the parish meeting will be held in the Methodist Schoolroom on May 1st with the Annual Parish Council meeting on May 8th. both at 7.30p.m.

Come and celebrate 190 years of Methodism in Upton this weekend 28th/29th April. There is a flower festival and display and Jenny Fotheringham is doing a sponsored organ play by playing all the hymns
in the Methodist hymn book. Refreshments will be served from 10am till 4pm.At 6-30pm there is a songs of praise supported by the Trentside Singers,followed by birthday cake.  On Sunday a service of Thanksgiving
and Celebration will take place at 10-30am led by Rev Philip Macdonald with soloist Mrs Margaret Pocklington, the chapel will be open 2pm -4pm on Sunday afternoon. All are welcome to join us.

Last week's quiz was for Citizen's Advice, Dave Farrow was the quizmaster. The winners The Oblong Quips and £200 was raised. This week's quiz is for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations any donations of
prizes would be welcome.