Sunday, 26 February 2012

Village News | 26 Feb 2012

UPTON and KEXBY CRICKET CLUB The AGM will take place on Sunday 11th March at
8pm in the Rose and Crown.If you want to play for the club this year please
attend this very important meeting. There are a few of the committee who are
resigning this year and if nobody else takes over the club will fold. So
please don't be the ones that only turn up on match days, it takes a .lot of
time and effort to run a club and if you want it to continue get involved.
There is also a quiz booked for Thursday 15th March please support it.

A meeting for all interested residents who would like to be involved in
celebrating this event will be held in the Rose and Crown on March 8th at
Some arrangements have already been made, like registering for the beacon to
be lit.
Do support this momentus event and put forward any ideas you may have.

Mr Neil Taylor gave a very interesting slide show of birds at the Friendship
club meeting on Thursday afternoon. Mr Taylor is a member of an eclusive
bird ringers group, which has only 2,000 members in the U.K.

The birds are caught, measured, weighed, examined and ringed as quickly as
possible to gain information and keep track of the birds.

Among the slides shown were wrens, blackbird, goldcrest, long tailed tit,
greenfinch, dunnock,coaltit, and other rare birds.

This was a very interesting talk and slide show.

The club will hold a quiz night at the Rose and Crown for club funds on
March 1st.


The council will meet in the Methodist Schoolroom on March 13th 7p.m. for
public, followed by council meeting.

QUIZ Last week's quiz was for All Saints Church, Peter Rushton was the
quizmaster. The winners were The Oblong Table, £130 was raised, this week's
quiz is for the Friendship Club.