Thursday, 26 January 2012

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting, held in Methodist Schoolroom on November 8th 2011

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting, held in Methodist Schoolroom on November 8th 2011

Present - all but one member present.  Apologies from R. Bowles.

Also present J.Milne WLDC and PCSO Melony Goodwill.

Forum PCSO reported good attendance at cucle marking afternoon.   Main Street and Hawskland Close to have 'no cold callers' notices delivered by D. Spittlehouse and Len Stoneman.  J.Alsop to be on community panel.

Declarations of interest- P.Rushton, clerk salary.

Minutes of last meeting read and approved.

Arising from road Safety Partnership would do a speed sign in the early spring, clerk to let them know when required.

Planning, plans for a house on Church Road. No permission from WLDC for caravan on the same site. No reply from C.C. re waste recycling observations.  Other residents have had replies clerk to check.  T.Hall to attend the meeting re this application in the Rose and Crown.

Bus shelter has been hit, clerk waiting for estimate, insurance claim will then go forward.

Village Hall – no report.  T.Hall to attend on 17.11.11

Finance £40.00 to P.C.C. for Christmas lighting expenses.  Clerk £230.25.

Rubbish trailer Council to ask Rose and Crown for permission to park trailer and Bates if waste can go to the recycling tip.  On Nov 29th 9 to 11am.

Christmas Market on Dec 15th in the Rose and Crown.

Highways Clerk to complain to chief executive of C.C. re no action of complaints.

Also no council visits to meetings.

Burial Ground space increased.

Parish Plan - Two Councillors are interested in reviving the Parish Plan.  Thoughts on a flier and an open evening were discussed.

Newsletters out this time.

Next meeting Jan 10th 2012.