Friday, 16 September 2011

Village News | 16 September 2011

The show, held on Sunday, was a tribute to the late Colin and Janette Hutchinson.
Colin had been on the show committee from nearly the beginning and was a very enthusiastic competitor.
Tributes were paid to the couple by the chair of the Show, Mr. D.Farrow and Colin's rival at the show, Mr. G.Hobart.
At the judges lunch a toast to absent friends was held as the raffle stalwart, Mrs P.Bicknell, had also died since the last show.
The person pulling the show together (Mrs J.Spencer) was thanked by the chair.
The catering organiser, Mrs S. Rockall was also thanked for providing an excellent lunch.
It was pointed out that two Methodist Church members (Mrs D.Jubbs and Mrs D.Barley) were selling raffle tickets –on a Sunday !!
Winners of the show included Colins' son Steve and his three grandchildren
also won several of the competitions. Two new trophies were donated in their memory.
Cup were won by J.Barrow, L.Holmes, A.Draper, D.Farrow, P.ChesterG.Hobart,
S.Barrow, A.Blow, E.Dowding, R.Gore, H.Ball, J.Hutchinson, S.Wardby,
M.Clayworth, B.Hutchinson, F.Gore, J.Morley, R.Sharpe, Hutchinson family,
and G.Hobart.
These were presented by G.Leaning, our local postman.
Other winners were A.Blow, T.Summers, A.Williams, D.Rose, E.Wilkins,
A.rushton, P.Rushton, D.Spittlehouse, D.hutchinson, J.Whiteside,
D.Ward, M.Burdon, J.Fotheringham, G.Owen, C.Doyle, J.Hutchinson, L.Young,
B.Nixon, E.Carter and J.Street,
The show gave an insight to some very talented people with the craft work
and paintings.
Mr Leaning was presented with a gift by Miss Wilkins.
Unclaimed raffle prizes were white 232 259 95 252 Green 228. these may be
claimed at Mrs J.Spencer, Church Road Upton.
The next years show will be the 50th and it is hoped this will be a bumper
year for entries.

  Click here to view the Village Show 2011 photo gallery. 

The Womens institute are organising the above coffee morning on September
30th in the Village Hall 10-12noon.
The morning will include a raffle, tombola, the quiz at the Rose and Crown
on Thursday 29th September will be for the same cause.

The service of Harvest Festival will be held in All Saints church on October
2nd at 9.30a.m.
The Upton and Kexby W.I. held the monthly meeting in the Village Hall on
Wedensday evening.
After the business side of the meeting was complete, members were very well
entertained by Gerry Burrows, who took members down Memory Lane.
With slides, music and ancedotes he gave a very humourous talk on Do You
Remember this. Reminding members of school days, sweets, shopping,
holidays and the cash runway for paying. He spoke about the chemists who
weighed out and made his own pills.
The next meeting will be a faith Harvest Supper with the Worlds Biggest
Coffee Morning on the 30th September.

7 members of the public, the police and all parish councillors attended the
meeting of the above council.
In the public forum questions were asked re the burial ground and planning
on Church road.
The police PCSO distrtbuted leaflets on crime prevention, concerns were
expressed re dangerous parking in the village.
She will attend the coffee and chat mornings on October 3rd and 31st and
November 28th.
Councillors agreed to go ahead with the Road Safety Partnership speed
restrictions in the village. these will be manned/womaned by volunteers.
Highways were to be asked again to paint the white line on Padmoor/High
Street junction and to mend curb on Padmoor Lane.
The web site has been updated and still waiting for secretaries to send in
Footpath 50 is to be levelled and resurfaced.
The precept was not increased for the coming year.
Several members had attended the village hall meetings. The last one did not
have a rep attending.
Reported a well run organisation with a survey done on future requirements
and the door in to the committee room to be re installed.
Members agreed to employ a handyman/gardener on a part time basis. This had
come about due to the collapse of the Hill top Wood project.
A rubbish trailer will be available in the near future and the newsletter
will go out in November.
A letter is to be sent to County Council re libraries closure.
The next meeting will be on November 8th 7p.m. for public, followed by
council meeting
Last week's quiz was for the village hall. Dave Farrow was the quizmaster,
the winners were The Desperations. £65 was raised, this
week's quiz is for the bell ringers.