Sunday, 17 July 2011

Village News | 17 July 2011

An outing to York was organised by the Womens Institute last Wednesday, when a coach load of members and guests travelled to the lovely city of York.
The visitors were dispatched to do their own visiting such as boat
trips, the minster, the museams, the shops and the Shambles.
Mrs Ann Sharpe had organised the trip, which, although tiring, was
enjoyed by all.
The council met on Tuesday evening under the chairmanship of Peter
The annual walk round the village took place to report any problems
that need reporting.
The main problems were highways responsibility.  The dumping of
rubbish was a problem and signs are to be put up requesting ,no dumping of garden and brick rubbish, This will involve a fine if persons responsible are seen.
This will be put in the newsletter to be out in August.
The seat opposite the fish and chip shop has been approved byhighways.
The report from the parish councils and P.C.C. was given.
The web site is to be updated and any organisations are asked to give
an up to date report of their organisations.
After the failure of Holt Wood organisation it was decided to advertise for a person or persons to be the village gardner. Any applications to A.Rushton on 01427838369.
Letters were received from the playing field and village hall committees to thank council for grants of £750.00 each.
The planning changes were discussed. Councillor J.Milne described
what will now happen with changes.
The next meeting will be on September 13th.
Mr Peter Rushton showed a very nostalgic DVD of war time Britain at
the club on Thursday afternoon. The DVD had been loaned by D.Pearson.
Next weeks meeting will take the form of a Cream tea in the Rose and
Crown, starting at 2.30p.m.
Last weeks quiz was for Gainsborough Lions Dave Farrow was quiz master, the winners were Bernards Gang and The Lions Club £95 was raised This weeks quiz is for the Freindship Club.