Friday, 22 July 2011

Upton Parish Council Meeting (May 24th 2011)

Minutes of Upton Parish Council Annual Meeting held in the Methodist Schoolroom on May 24th 2011
2 Members of the public present J. Milne WLDC, PCSO Julie Macfaul and Anna Grieve.  All council members present.
Election of chair – Mr Peter Rushton elected unanimously.  Nice chair – Mr Patrick Fotheringham
Declaration of interest. P. Rushton – clerk salary and village hall grant.  J. Alsop, playing field.
PCSO reported a change of areas for policing; Upton would now come under Saxilby.
Reports of metal thefts.
J. Milne reported that new age curling would soon be taking place in the village hall.
Grant forms would be available at the end of the month.
Anna Grieve then spoke about the closed Church yard and handed out a list of repairs needed to be done before the councils would take over the church yard.
P.C.C. have to give a written request to the councils to take over the grant and then parish councils could then approach WLDC to take over the ground.  The graves, headstones, trees boundary wall must all be in good condition she said.
Anna Grieves suggested a meeting with the P.C.C. and Kexby parish council representative to discuss this matter.  Clerk to arrange the meeting.
She said the headstones were the responsibility of the owners family.
HIGHWAYS Padmoor Lane/High Street white lines need painting.
Clerk had emailed highways re the seat in memory of Mrs Longdon but had not received a reply.  Thank you repaired pot holes.
FINANCE Accounts given to T Hall (£20) for allotment rent for 4 years.  Village Hall nad playing field leasehold rents.  Insurance £245.24, clerk £230.25 + £120.27 expenses Grant of £750.00 each to playing field and village hall were approved.
Village hall reps June J. Alsop, July R Bowles Chair and clerk had attended the AGM.   Holt Wood wages and materials now had to be paid for.  Ask local person to clear footpath from Church Road to Main Street.
Next meeting will be on July 12th 2011 7P.M. for annual walk round the village.